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Most metastatic cancers remain incurable and continue to kill one out of four Americans. Even initially responsive tumors quickly become resistant to therapy and become untreatable. In contrast, a small number of advanced cancers do not exhibit this type of therapeutic resistance. These include testicular cancer and some forms of childhood leukemias and lymphomas. These cancer types have over 80% sustained complete remission rates. Lance Armstrong is a famous example of this type of curable cancer. It is completely unknown why some metastatic cancers are curable while the vast majority are not. If we understood the reasons for these favorable results, we might be able to apply them to the more resistant forms of human tumors.

To inspire students to generate original and creative ideas to solve this riddle we are challenging Johns Hopkins trainees to compete for the Rangos Medal along with a cash prize. We will also assist the trainees in ways to test their ideas.

Deadline: November 1, 2011

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